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Join UUJEC at the Reparations: Rooted in Repair Workshop


Visit our booth partner, UUs for Social Justice's webpage

A 2020 GA Workshop & Poster Session: Saturday, June 27 at 10 AM, sponsored by UUJEC

Also of interest: "Hospitality, Reparations and First Principles" on Friday, June 26 at 4 PM.

Carl McCargo  Min. Ari Sesu Merretazon Woullard Lett


Carl W. McCargo (M.S.)  has been a UU for 34 years. He earned his M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1981, entitled,

“The Differential Portrayal of Black and White Television Families.” Carl has an enduring concern for the insidious and overt ‘teachings’ of racism in our U.S. media. 

Min. Ari Sesu Merretazon, is a Reparationist, and a former National Male Co-Chair of N’COBRA.  In the late ‘80s he was a National Security Co-chair for the National Black Independent Party (NBIPP).  He is currently serving as the Northeast Representative for N’COBRA. And many more honors.

Woullard Lett is the Regional Lead for the UUA New England Region. He is also the  Education Commission Male Co-chair of the N’COBRA and Co-chair of the Manchester, NH NAACP. He has a long history of study and activism within the  spiritual and political pan-Africanist, Black nationalist and anti-racist community.


UUJEC's 2020 General Assembly Virtual Booth

UUA General Assembly video library is now live--catch whatever you missed during General Assembly.  Click here to see the online library.

UUJEC Action of Immediate Witness, AIW

See our AIW information titled The Pandemic: A Religious Response


See our AIW Information titled Thanksgiving Day for All People

UUJEC Poster Session on "Grounding the Green New Deal in Indigenous Values"

Visit the poster anytime.  We're holding a Zoom chat on Thursday and Friday at 12:45 to 1:45 Eastern, 9:45 to 10:45 Pacific.  Click here for Thursday's Zoom chat and click here for Friday's Zoom chat.  Click here to see our poster.


UUJEC & Congregational Study/Action Issues


UUJEC co-sponsored the 2016 Congregational Study/Action Issue, CSAI, "The Corruption of our Democracy" resulting in this Statement of Conscience

UUJEC put forward the 2014 Congregational Study Action Issue, CSAI, "Escalating Economic Inequality" resulting in 

this Statement of Conscience.

UUJEC Annual Meeting, July 11, 2020.


Headlining David Korten.

"The Economic Consequences of Opportunities Following on COVID-19"



Click here to register for UUJEC's Annual Meeting. Our annual meeting has always been at General Assembly but since we aren't meeting in person, we moved it to July 11 to avoid conflicts.  We wish we could feed you, but virtual food is just cruel.  See our Annual Report and Financial Report 





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What We Did Last September

UUJEC and UUs for Social Justice (UUSJ) cooped to host our conference "Advancing Climate and Economic Justice as a Moral Issue, Building a Movement for a Green New Deal" in Washington, DC.  Our list of co-sponsors is too long to repeat, but you can see all the details if you click here.  There are links under speakers that we recorded--so it's almost like being there.  After a day of education, UUSJ trained attendees and on Tuesday, the attendees joined UUSJ's Action Corps to deliver over 920 constituent letters written by UUs across the nation.  With the help of UU Funding Program, we were able to pay scholarships to all who requested them.

UUJEC Video Curricula

They're fun to watch and fun to present--all the prep is done for you--just read the guide (three pages or so), slip in the thumb drive and push start.  UUs love to talk, and the videos will trigger lots of conversation.  Choose from the following:   Green New Deal   Healthcare Justice,  Corruption of Democracy, Escalating Inequality  Email to get your free thumb drive--live streaming depends on your internet connection which is likely to seize up during your classes.

Other Curricula

We also have a link to Class Conscious: Class and Classism in UU Life, created by UUJEC Friend, Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D


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UJEC Partners, 

Proud to partner with UUSJ, known for the "Write Here, Write Now!" and their Advocacy Corps.

We've also partnered with several other UU organizations this last year


    in Washington, DC       UU Ministry for the Earth   UU Service Committee

UUJEC Mission Statement

Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) is a vibrant progressive organization committed to economic justice for all. Our philosophy is rooted in the UU liberal religious tradition - to create a world of justice, equity, and compassion. Our work contributes to a broader movement for social change, in collaboration with the UUA, UU Service Committee and grassroots organizations. We seek to inspire and help UUs to study our society’s economic and social systems and advocate for justice issues like The Green New Deal and Single Payer healthcare.

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