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2/26/2017: Declaration 17, by Rich Florentino


Norman Siegel, lifelong civil rights activist gave an inspiring talk last Monday telling us we don't need to be disheartened by Trump - but to organize to defend our Constitution - in our Courts - and by all other legal non-violent means still available to us as American citizens. 

He has drafted a Declaration 17, modeled after the US Declaration of Independence. It closes as follows:

"We are proud of America’s values. They lay the foundation of our collective pursuit of happiness. We cannot and will not give them up. The People have prevailed in the past, and will prevail once again
, in upholding core American values."

See the entire document here; and coverage from the NY Daily News Please read it and sign it as I have. If you don't know much about Norman Siegel, just google him - he is the 'real deal' and has been at it his entire life.  Having much success in important and worthy legal battles for decades.

This only went live today and already has over 100 signatures - this can and should go viral. I truly feel it has the right tone, content and approach to really have an impact.  Let's use those "so-called" judges and educate Mr. Trump on the Constitution.

As Ben Franklin said, "Let's hang together or we'll hang separately".  
Thank you all very much. Rich Florentino


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