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1/2/2017: Election Analysis by Woullard Lett


There has been much made of the presidential election outcome and the reasons for it. One line of thought suggests that the Democratic Party fell victim to a reliance on "identify politics." This resulted in the abandonment of the white middle class, by the Democratic Party, who rebelled and went with Trump.

This line of analysis is tantamount to the old adage that "fish don't know that they are wet." The fact of the matter is that those who tout the rise of, rejection by or rebellion of the "white" middle class are themselves identifying a form of identity politics. The idea that there is something called a "white identity:" is normalized by the white supremacist ideal that posits people of European descent as fully human and others less so. Trump, not the Democratic Party, focused solely and exclusively on identify politics and as a result won the election. 
This is not an analysis of the outcome (more voters chose Hillary than Trump) but an analysis of the punditry that attempts to explain the outcome.


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