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Read our 2023 Annual Appeal Letter to Members and Friends. 

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Join or continue your membership in the UUJEC with a tax deductible donation. Let your voice join the voice of others who work for economic justice.  You can contribute online via our payment processor, Stripe.  

Annual dues are as follows 

  • Regular Adult Membership $40 or sliding scale
  • Congregation Membership $1/member  
  • General Donation can be of any amount you wish to give. 


You can make your Stripe donation choice below.  If you prefer to contribute via check, you can print and mail this form with your donation. Mailing instructions are listed on the form. 

While a donation of record is necessary for voting membership, we understand that individuals and congregations have a range of resources.  Please make a donation to support UUJEC's work that accords with your financial resources.  We welcome every one of you.


Congregational Membership


Join or renew your annual Congregational Membership with UUJEC. Dues are $1 per each member of your congregation. For example, a congregation with 95 members would contribute $95. 





Individual Membership


Become a member or renew your annual membership with UUJEC. Become a member or renew your annual membership with UUJEC. 
Regular Membership is $40 or sliding scale  





Let your voice join the voice of others who work for economic justice with a tax-deductible donation. We appreciate your support of UUJEC and our ongoing justice initiatives.



Read our 2022 Annual Appeal and our Review of Accomplishments. 



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