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8/8/2017: Webinar Series; Join Us for Monthly Inspiration, by Rachel Bennett Steury


To follow up from our spring conference “Reversing Inequality, Healthcare Justice is a UU Value,” UUJEC is working in partnership with UU’s for Social Justice (UUSJ) to continue that important dialogue around healthcare. Our webinar series features discussions and crucial updates by our colleagues from leading advocacy groups.

Our recent webinars featured action calls, toolkits and updates from NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, and FCNL, the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Our upcoming webinars will also keep you informed and connected to others working for healthcare justice. 

Additionally, UUJEC will host webinars on other aspects of inequality this year like class, unions, taxes and race. The webinar call-in information is sent via email to our subscribers. We use the ZOOM Video Conferencing service that is free to download. A telephone option is also available for those away from their computers. Each webinar is a one-hour or less time commitment. 

If you are not already receiving emails from UUJEC, please register on our website here: or email Rachel at for assistance.

We hope you will join our webinar series to learn about the complexities of inequality and how we can collaborate toward a more just world.


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