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2017 Blog Articles

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12/18/2017: "It's not taxes that are bleeding us dry" by Rich Florentino
11/29/2017: Health Care as a Right, by Judy Deutsch
11/13/2017: William Rice from Americans for Tax Fairness "Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Guess who picks up the tab?”
10/18/2017: The Buy Nothing Project, by Terry Lowman
9/15/2017: Webinar Oct 5: Reversing Inequality with Chuck Collins
8/24/2017: Living Wage Certification Toolkit, by Dean Wanderer
8/14/2017: New Report by Chuck Collins: Reversing Inequality
8/14/2017: UUJEC T-shirts and USB Video Curriculum Still Available, by Rachel Bennett Steury
8/8/2017: Webinar Series; Join Us for Monthly Inspiration, by Rachel Bennett Steury
8/3/2017: A-Mazing!! The UUA passes “Reversing Economic Inequity” Statement of Conscience, by Lucy Hitchcock
7/27/2017: The Benefits of UUJEC Membership, by Jim Black
7/6/2017: Working for Healthcare Justice in Pennsylvania, by Mardys Leeper
6/26/2017: Spotlight On Congregations, by Jane Bannor
5/22/2017: Reclaim Our Democracy, Guest Post by Fred Van Deusen
4/25/2017: Economic Justice Spotlight: BuxMont UU Fellowship, Warrington, PA
3/26/2017: Economic Justice Spotlight: First Universalist Church of Norway. Norway, Maine
3/11/2017: Economic Justice Spotlight: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice. Venice, Florida
2/28/2017: Healthcare Justice is a UU Value
2/26/2017: Declaration 17, by Rich Florentino
2/23/2017: Dodd-Frank Protections May Be in Jeopardy. Be prepared. by Jim Black, on Behalf of the UUJEC Board
2/20/2017: UUJEC Endorsement of the UUA, UUSC Declaration of Conscience
2/17/2017: Economic Justice Spotlight: Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady. Schenectady, New York
2/7/2017: Let’s Champion the Working Class – Just Like Jesus, by Dick Burkhart
2/7/2017: Economic Justice Spotlight: First Parish of Sudbury. Sudbury, Maine
1/31/2017: UUJEC and the Women's March, by Rachel Bennett Steury
1/25/2017: UUJEC Economic Justice Spotlight: Conejo Valley UU Fellowship of Newbury Park, California
1/16/2017: Current Thoughts: Black Lives Matter, by Judy Deutsch
1/14/2017: Submit Comments for the Escalating Inequality Statement of Conscience, By Jane Bannor
1/2/2017: Election Analysis by Woullard Lett


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