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1/9/2018: "Sharing Resources for Interfaith Work in Door County, Wisconsin" by Jim Black


The resources available on the Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community’s website, are easy to use and can have a significant impact.  I know I have said this before but every time I employ the resources it strikes me how useful these resources are.

These resources spur robust discussions around income inequality. When I presented the TED Talks at our Fellowship which can be found at the UUJEC website I came off as an expert. I guess the audience blended my identity with the TED speaker. For this kudo I spent a few minutes setting up the big screen TV and hooking up my laptop. The participants at the webinar were amazed at the coast to coast discussion.  The latest minimal effort activity is the Shoreline UU Study Series on income inequality.  This study series can be found in the drop-down menu at the UUJEC website under escalating inequality. 

The Shoreline UU Study Series was put together by the Shoreline Washington Unitarian Universalist congregation.  It is a six-week study series which is really a “paint by numbers” workshop. The readings, You Tube videos, TED Talks and scripted questions to generate discussion are all laid out for the facilitators. 

All the facilitators need to be is enthusiastic about the topic and follow the outline. The study series begins with a very short reading from Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, and progresses through the income gap as it exists, it consequences, and remedies.   The study series is informative and easily understood.

When the idea of presenting the Shoreline Study Series was brought up at our Fellowship’s just economic team’s meeting it was suggested that we try to involve other faith communities. We asked to make a presentation at the local ministerial alliance, which was granted. It was interesting how the topic of income inequality was a concern for all the ministers present at the meeting. 

From this presentation a group was formed to plan the logistics of presenting the Shoreline Study Series. The group now consists of pastors from the local Episcopal, Lutheran, and Moravian churches. Other ministers from other faith communities have expressed interest. With little effort this winter the Shoreline Study Series will be presented to a widely varied audience.   We won’t be simply preaching to the choir at our UU Fellowship. Rather we will be discussing the topic of income inequality with a wide range of faith communities.

So, the value of being a UUJEC member and utilizing the resources available on its website is significant. I encourage you to explore the many resources available on the UUJEC website and use these resources in your community.  The Shoreline Study Series can be found on the UUJEC webpage:


Thirty-nine people attended the first session of the six-week Shoreline Workshop on Income Inequality. The two-hour session involved robust discussions about what are necessities of life beyond one's basic needs and the impact of income and wealth inequality in the US. Many different views were offered and respectfully listened to in the four small groups which were formed after a short presentation.


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