2/20/2017: UUJEC Endorsement of the UUA, UUSC Declaration of Conscience


The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) unanimously endorse the UUA, UUSC Declaration of Conscience. UUJEC fully commits to translating our values into action by joining our brothers and sisters in solidarity of basic human rights.

For decades, UUJEC has ignited the passion for justice within the heart of every UU by channeling it into strategic actions that make a difference in people's lives. We envision a world that sustains ALL living beings, where ALL people share the riches of the planet, where ALL voices are heard.  Our UU Principles lead us to affirm: The inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Therefore, we recognize that the current economic order is unjust and does not accord full worth and dignity to all. We will stand with women, men and children of diverse class and race and orientation, particularly the exploited and dispossessed, in our common struggle for dignity and equality.

We seek a sustainable earth community committed to world peace and justice through equity and compassion in human relations, economic democracy, and respect for all beings. We urge our economic justice allies to sign the Declaration of Conscience and join us in our commitment to promote equity and justice for all.


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