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Living Wage Certification Toolkit, by Dean Wanderer

Aug 24 2017

The Richmond Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Chapter is partnering with the Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building to develop a Living Wage Certification program. This is a voluntary certification program designed to recognize and promote employers that pay living wages. The Certification Committee has set $16 or more per hour for the Gold Star Living Wage Certification, $12.50 or more for the Silver Star Living Wage Certification, and $11 or more for the Aspiring Living Wage Certification. 

Economic Justice Spotlight: First UU Church of San Antonio, Texas

Oct 14 2016

This year we embarked on a journey of discovery, to understand the tireless and comprehensive work UU activists were doing to make our world more just. Our call for submissions drew interest from active social justice committees and congregations from every corner of the country. We are pleased to collaborate with them in sharing best practice approaches to justice work for our readers to learn from and to bring inspiration. Enjoy the stories, share in the efforts and use the ideas you see here as a model for your continued work in economic justice.

Mike Phillips, First UU Social Justice Committee member, shares their recent work in our report featured here. Please share this information with your congregations and feel free to participate in the comment section below.

“The First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio Texas (First UU) has 420 members and encourages members of the congregation to become active in social justice. This encouragement is manifested in many ways in the San Antonio community. First UU has been part of the economic development strategy for San Antonio, Texas for over 40 years. The congregation works closely with interfaith community organizations.”

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