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Welcoming Your Comments about the Corruption of Our Democracy (CSAI)

Dec 20 2018

Dear UUJEC members and supporters:

We would love to engage you in a conversation about the 2016 Congregational Study Action Issue chosen by delegates at the General Assembly in 2016 that took place in Columbus, OH.

That CSAI is the Corruption of Our Democracy. You can learn about it or re-familiarize yourself with it by visiting this link:

We welcome your comments, concerns, or remarks you may have, especially as we live in times where our democracy is being challenged, and there are multiple political figures and leaders who are either in court or are heading to prison or jail for violations that affect us. Just hit the comment button to leave your remarks, comments, or concerns.

Thank you!

nonChristopher D. Sims is a poet, lay minister, and a human rights activist. A Unitarian Universalist for almost 17 years. He joined The UU Church Rockford, IL in 2001. Christopher is the former Joseph Priestly District of the U.U.A's Director of Young Adult & Campus Ministry. He is also a former committee member of the DRUUMM Youth And Young Adult Steering Committee and served on DRUUMM's Steering Committee, served six years on the UUA's Nominating Committee, and was an advisory board member for the Green Sanctuary Program. Christopher is focused on anti-racism, racial equity, and economic injustice. A scholar of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Poor Peoples Campaign, Christopher learns from history so he can inform our faith movement and the masses.

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Sally G
  I am glad to see that the CSW (Commission on Social Witness) is accepting online comments this year, in addition to the formal comments made with CFS (congregational/fellowship/society) certification by Feb. 1. However, individual comments do not have the full force of group comments—please help us submit UUJEC comments that reflect the wisdom of many minds!
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