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“We live in interesting times” doesn’t cut it. A Message from the UUJEC Board of Trustees

Oct 11 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

“We live in interesting times” doesn’t cut it. Try bizarre, reactionary, contentious, even threatening-to- catastrophic for our planet and people. The good news is that every political backtrack to the environment, equal opportunity, healthcare, immigrant, minority and voting rights, public education and international diplomacy is met with amazingly massive demonstrations in the streets. If ever we UUs wanted incentive to stand up for our values, this is the time. We, at UUJEC, focus to fulfill the economic justice niche for the UUA and we appreciate your involvement and financial support.

We are thankful for the Statement of Conscience on Escalating Economic Equity, passed at GA after four years of curriculum development, study and incremental action, because it lays out effective steps to take. Please take a moment to read its ACTIONS section so they will continue to be inspiration. We are proud of UUJEC’s leadership in its development and heartened to learn of the work your congregations are doing. Please keep us informed!

Our web page is updated with reports you send us, plus TED talks, book reviews, resources for study and advocacy. We offer quarterly newsletters and monthly webinars with experts on topics like healthcare and tax reform. Our 2017 conference in Washington DC, funded by the UU Grants Panel and co-led with UUs for Social Justice, focused on healthcare for all and taught lobbying techniques that we brought to our senators’ offices. We continue to lobby state and national legislators so the gains of the ACA are not lost and the virtues of a single-payer healthcare system are promoted. Go to our healthcare page for suggestions.

Every fall we come to our friends to ask for your financial support. Your contributions support our volunteer board that meets monthly on-line and annually at a retreat.We make presentations at regional meetings, have a booth, offer workshops, and hold our annual meeting at GA.We strive to have a national conference every other year plus regional conferences. This year we are pleased Chuck Collins ( is travelling to UU congregations to share his 2017 study, Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Equitable Economy.Rachel Bennett Steury is our creative, organized and diligent administrator who keeps up our web pages, manages our programs and will answer your questions.

Your generous support enables our vision of a just economic community to become reality. Please visit our membership page to make a tax deductible donation.

A big THANK YOU! from the UUJEC Board of Trustees

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