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2016 Blog Articles

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12/24/2016: UUJEC Economic Justice Spotlight: Mountain Vista UU Congregation. Tucson, Arizona
12/19/2016: The Solstice, by Rich Florentino
12/7/2016: An Anthem of Resistance, by Terry Lowman
12/6/2016: Sanctuary Resource from Terry Lowman
11/30/2016: Economic Justice Spotlight: Shoreline Social Action Ministry. Shoreline, WA
11/28/2016: More Workers Should Get Overtime Pay by Carol Allen
11/16/2016: A Time to Engage, by Your Board of Trustees
11/6/2016: Economic Justice Spotlight: Escalating Inequality Task Force of Metropolitan Detroit
11/1/2016: Chuck Collins Visits Iowa UUs by Terry Lowman
10/19/2016: "Conversation with a Brooklyn Conservative" by Rich Florentino
10/18/2016: Bullying Is Not Just a Problem in Schools, article share from Terry Lowman
10/14/2016: Economic Justice Spotlight: First UU Church of San Antonio, Texas
9/29/2016: Economic Justice Spotlight: Unitarian Universalist Church West
9/22/2016: UUJEC Video Curricula A Success in Wisconsin, by Jim Black
9/15/2016: Labor and Justice: A Special Message to Celebrate Labor Day, by Kit Marlowe
8/18/2016: Why Should We Modernize Annihilation?
8/4/2016: Economic Justice Spotlight: First Unitarian Society of Madison. Madison, Wisconsin
7/15/2016: Remove the Social Security Maximum, by Kit Marlowe
6/30/2016: Reporting from the Picket Line: Rich Florentino
6/17/2016: Proposed Action of Immediate Witness: Stop the TPP, by Dick Burkhart
3/2/2016: UUJEC Members in the News: Workshop seeks solutions on disparities in Ventura CO.

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