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Resources for giving a Sunday service

Everything you need to give a professionally done service, all in one place.

UUJEC's Statement of Solidarity with Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Hollywood Unions and unions in general

2022 Labor Day Toolkit

Music to celebrate Labor

Labor Day is on the horizon: September 5, 2022.

See UUJEC letter of solidarity with unions and offer to connect UUs to Labor Justice.

The Sunday before Labor Day is “Labor Sunday” in the United States.  It’s an old holiday that’s being reclaimed in some congregations.  Some speakers focus their attention on the past, and there’s much that needs to be said about labor history.  However, there’s also a compelling need to look at the present crisis.  Read more...

Martin Luther King Quotes for Labor Day

AFL-CIO's fact sheet on The PRO Act.

AF-CIO's snapshot on The PRO Act.

Worker Justice Resources


The enormous impact of eroded collective bargaining on wages, an EPI report

AFL-CIO 2021 PRO Act

This toolkit is a collection of activities, suggested readings and videos to spur a discussion about workers' lived experiences, how to support labor issues by supporting Labor Union Organizing. These resources are meant to help people understand why unions are needed and what we can do to nurture union organizing.

PRO Act Toolkit

PRO Act Fact Sheet--More facts

PRO Act Snapshot

Why are UUs and Unions great partners?

Sample letter to US Senators from Interreligious Council

UUJEC endorses the Writers' Guild strike in 2023


Brave New Films Presents: Walmart, High Cost of Low Prices 

View the film 

Read the Facilitation Guide 

When you schedule a screening (even if it’s with 2-3 friends or family members in your living room), please let Brave New Films know by filling out this screening confirmation form.   For tips on setting up a screening, review the Film Screening and Technology Guide. Feedback forms for ATTENDEES and the HOST can be printed, copied and distributed.  Please collect them and send to: Angel Mortel, Brave New Films, 10510 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA  90232. 



December 6th, 2017 @ 8pm

"Worker Centers & Worker Organizing in the Current Political Climate"

Thank you for joining Magaly Licolli – Executive Director, Northwest Arkansas Worker Justice Center and Ahmed Ali – Executive Director, Greater Minnesota Worker Center for our discussion on worker organizing and economic justice. Resources provided by our speakers are valuable for UU activists across the country to organize within their communities. 

  • "Striving for a Just and Safer Workplace" Report by (GMWC)
  • "Wages and Working Conditions in Arkansas Poultry Plants" - Report by NW Arkansas Worker Justice Center
  • Presentation slides from Ahmed Ali, Greater Minnesota Worker Center (GMWC)
  • Economic Policy Institute (EPI) Perkins Project on Worker's Rights and Wages Policy Watch
  • EPI Interactive Map of anti-worker laws by state
  • "A Practical Guide to Combating Wage Theft" - Report from the Center for Popular Democracy 

Faith communities can work in solidarity with workers centers to advance our common struggle for dignity and equality. Take the lessons from Magaly and Ahmed and apply them with organizations that are close to home. To identify a Workers Center near you, please visit Interfaith Worker Justice for a list of affiliates.

Book Reviews


"“They’re Bankrupting Us!” And 20 Other Myths about Unions" by Bill FletcherJr Reviewed here by Rachel Bennett Steury UUJEC Administrator.

“Beyond $15, The story of the Seatac living wage battle” by Jonathan Rosenblum.Reviewed here by  Terry Lowman UUJEC Co-Chair.

Sample letter supporting the PRO Act to Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, click here to see.

Sample letter supporting the PRO Act to Senator Kyrsten Simena of Arizone, click here to see.

Sample letter supporting the PRO Act to Mark Kelly of Arizona, click here to see.


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