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A three-part series that explores the many ways black Americans face racial bias. These short films—Racism is Real, Black Protests vs. White Riots, and Prison System by the Numbers—explore the effects of racial bias on the lives of black Americans and the ways in which racism impacts American society as a whole. 

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When you schedule a screening (even if it’s with 2-3 friends or family members in your living room), please let Brave New Films know by filling out this screening confirmation form.   For tips on setting up a screening, review the Film Screening and Technology Guide. 

Feedback forms for ATTENDEES and the HOST can be printed, copied and distributed.  Please collect them and send to: Angel Mortel, Brave New Films, 10510 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA  90232. 

Racial Justice Resources


Staffing for Diversity was developed by UUA's  Jan Gartner. Please find the 6-Part Series available on the UUA web page

UU Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) published their 2018 General Assembly Report. You can find the report and corresponding videos here 

Reverend Judith Deutsch 9/27/2020 sermon, "Atoning for our Sins" validating the need for reparations for African Americans.  Click here to read.

Reverend Judith Deutsch 10/11/2020 sermon, "Indigenous People's Day" explaining why Columbus Day is unworthy of celebrating and should be replaced by Indigenous People's Day.  Click here to read the sermon.

Reverend Robert Murphy's statement on alternatives to the colonial version of Thanksgiving.


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